New ErgoForms Library Software Features
Scaleable CAD Drawings

San Diego, CA September 6, 2001 - Pogue & Associates Industrial Design announces the release of ErgoForms, a library of files on CD containing 2D scaleable figures that can be imported into CAD formats, posed in different positions and shown using various products. Designed for use by architects, engineers, industrial and interior designers, students, artists and others, ErgoForms figures are based on research data from the well-known reference source, The Measure of Man and Woman Human Factors in Design by Henry Dreyfuss Associates.

Available in CAD format, the line drawings of figures can be imported into two-dimensional layouts in scale and positioned within the design. Figures included in the first release of the software include adults and children. ErgoForms figures are drawn at 100% and sized at the average according to age group and gender.

"We originally created these figures for use in our own work, to eliminate the need to draw specific figures for individual projects, says Lonnie Pogue, Industrial Designer and founder of Pogue & Associates. "We,re sure this new software can be a time-saver for other designers, and enhance their design efforts.

The ErgoForms CD contains a resource library of files that are instantly accessible through the "File Open or "Browse systems of a CAD program. The CD, which includes files for AutoCAD, DWG formats and DXF files, is available on the Internet or by contacting Pogue & Associates. The ErgoForms library CD-ROM sells for $195.00, plus shipping.

Jim Ryan, IDSA member and a partner in Henry Dreyfuss Associates, was involved in the development of ErgoForms. "With this new library of human figures, designers and artists now have instant access to the figures they need and use most often. We wanted to make the ErgoForms very easy to use, flexible and versatile, and I think we succeeded, says Ryan.

Pogue & Associates Industrial Design, located in San Diego, California for over 25 years, specializes in instrumentation, medical, consumer, and industrial products, as well as toys and sporting goods. ErgoForms are modeled on original resources data by Henry Dreyfuss Associates, a full-service design firm established in 1929. Their charts of human factors, first published in 1955, continue to be a data resource for professional product designers.


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